Garden Sprayer - Improved & Upgraded 2020 Model - Telescopic Metallic Lance , Shoulder Strap , Heavy Duty Hand Pump Pressure Spray for Lawn Weed Killer , Fertilizer , Pesticide , Insecticide & Cleaning around Home

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Hand Pump Pressure Spray is Ideal for a Variety of Applications, Ranging form Weed Killing, Fertilization, Herbicides, Pesticides, Watering Delicate Plants, Spraying Detergent, Pets Bathing, Car Washing, Patio and Windows Cleaning. Simple and Stable Designs. Very Easy to Operate. Creates Pressure with a Few Pumps and Retains Pressure for Smooth Spray. Translucent Bottle marked with measurement Levels to assess Fluid Level.
Size: 3 Litre

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