Lawn & Garden Sprayer with Metallic Spray Lance & Shoulder Strap. Hand Pump Pressure Sprayers for Fertilizer, Pesticide & Weed Killer Application

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  • Metallic Spray Wand with 1 spare Wand. Curved Nozzle to accurately Point Spray at a Specific Target with adjustable Spray Pattern from a Straight Jet Stream to Fine Mist. 50-inch Long Hose & Extra Long Spray Wand enables you to Keep Spray Sprinkles at a Safe Distance from you.
  • Shoulder Strap to Carry it around Hands Free & Conveniently during Spray. Glove Size Ergonomically Built Handle & Funnel top to avoid Spills while filling the Tank. Cleanable Anti Clog Filter & Built in Safety Valve to avoid & Release over Pressure Built up in the Tank.
  • Made of Easy to Clean Removable Parts to Keep Whole Spray Kit in Good Working Condition. Hand Pump Pressure Garden Sprayer is made with Prime Grade non-Corrosive Polyethylene. Its Strong and Sturdy, yet very Light Weight.
  • It is a Versatile Sprayer, a must have for every home to take care of a range of spraying activities like, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides, Watering Delicate Plants and Spraying Detergent while Bathing Pets, Washing Car, Windows or Deck.