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Upgraded 2024 Model Garden Sprayer with Telescopic Metal Lance, Shoulder Strap, and Heavy-Duty Hand Pump -8L Size for Lawn Care, Weed Control, Fertilizing, Insecticide Application, and Home Cleaning

Metallic Spray Wand with an additional spare wand for convenience. Features a curved nozzle for precise targeting, offering an adjustable spray pattern from a straight jet stream to a fine mist. Enjoy a 50-inch long hose and an extra-long spray wand for maintaining a safe distance during application. Equipped with a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying during spraying. The ergonomically built handle is glove-sized, and the funnel top prevents spills while filling the 5L tank. Includes a cleanable anti-clog filter and a built-in safety valve to prevent and release overpressure in the tank. Designed with easy-to-clean removable parts, ensuring the entire spray kit stays in excellent working condition. The hand pump pressure garden sprayer is crafted from prime-grade, non-corrosive polyethylene, providing strength and sturdiness while remaining lightweight. A versatile essential for every household, this sprayer caters to a variety of spraying needs such as applying fertilizers, herbicides, watering delicate plants, and spraying detergent for bathing pets, washing cars, cleaning windows, or maintaining decks.

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